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Clients report that they come in feeling stressed with work and personal issues, complaining of both physical and emotional pain. As Alicia works on the physical balance, clients say the stress and negative energy start to dissipate, leaving them more emotionally relaxed and with less muscle tension.


Her motto is, “When we are balanced, we are at our best.” Balancing all aspects of our lives with our wellness program is a great start. This is necessary in order for our minds and bodies to relax, restore and heal. 

Originally from Melrose, Massachusetts, Alicia lives on the North Shore. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in Melrose, and provides her massage services in her studio, Balanced Being Massage of Melrose, also known as Melrose Massage. During the summer months she balances her professional time between clients in the Greater Boston and Outer Cape Cod areas.

Alicia’s massage business has been available at many of the area’s exclusive hotels, including the Four Seasons Hotel, The Liberty Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, The Chatham Bars Inn and The Hilton Hotels of Boston. She also managed the massage services at the Logan Airport Hilton for seven years and provides on-site Corporate Wellness massage at companies and trade shows.

With her extensive background and experience in massage in Melrose , excellent skill and an unsurpassed level of professionalism, Alicia has had the opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life, including cancer patients/survivors, professional athletes and A-list celebrities.   


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" A Healer "


As a healer I remove obstacles to the flow of life and vitality. I do this by coming into non judgemental awareness of what is present in the bodies of my clients and then doing my best to apply techniques to bring balance and harmony to their system.

Experienced Knowledge


Research demonstrates that all it takes is three conscious breaths to shift our mind and body from fear to flow - from fight - or - flight response and into the relaxation response.

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